Purity and full aroma

Borgoscuro gives the quintessence of italian grappa to the taste.



Our grappas

The distilling process entails separate distillation for each individual variety, blending of different batches and vintages, and a natural cold filtration system. Authentic skills aimed at perfection, which produce a surprisingly clean-cut flavour and an easily digested formula while maintaining aroma intact.


Intense and floral, this is the result of an original blend of fine grappas. The base comprises 70% white marc, mainly Chardonnay and Prosecco, and 30% red marc, distilled in discontinuous copper stills. Blending and 12 months’ maturation in steel vats harmoniously combine power and finesse.
Serve chilled to 8-10 C°.
Wild flowers – blackcurrants – toasted almonds – iodine.
Sizes 0.70 litres, 0.75 litres, 3 litres.


Borgoscuro uses barriques for grappa with a marked toasted flavour. The base comprises marc from Chardonnay, Prosecco, Sauvignon, Cabernet and Merlot, distilled in discontinuous copper stills. After blending the grappa matures in new oak barriques which have undergone special toasting to give balsamic hints and a sweetly tannic flavour.
Serve at 18° C.
Coriander – abate Fetel pears – Vanilla – Catalan cream.
Sizes: 0.70 litres, 0.75 litres.


A soft, spicy grappa derived from an exclusive blend of three vintages. The base comprises 65% red marc, mainly Cabernet and Merlot, and 35% white marc, distilled in discontinuous copper stills. The blend matures in medium sized oak and ash casks that bestow elegance and harmony.
Serve at 18° C.
Sweet spices – peaches – quinces – toasted hazel nuts – liquorice.
Sizes: 0.70 litres, 0.75 litres.


About us

Rime Craft Distillers represent the fifth generation of the Maschio dynasty, master distillers in the heart of the Venetian region for almost two centuries.

Borgoscuro is the name of an ancient hamlet that has been home to the distillery of the Maschio family, which over the years has patiently developed a new philosophy for grappa.

Following in these footsteps Rime Craft Distillers have set up a limited production run with a single aim: to create a grappa with a unique flavour, different from all the others.

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